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My submission for the Game Maker's Toolkit Gam Jam. I wanted to take the Klonoa approach where enemies are simultaneously useful tools for the player as well as adversaries. I ran out of time though so the enemies in this demo are neither useful nor adversarial. 

Pretend like the red square is actually a cool samurai who slices through foes in one clean sweep. The beige squares are evil ninja who are plaguing your hometown by being absolutely stationary in odd and inconvenient places I guess?

Although I did not make nearly as much progress as I hoped for, I am still rather pleased with what I made. It was fun to knock the rust off and get back into video game programming for the first time in years. I appreciate having the opportunity to participate in this game jam and the motivation it gave me to create something. I plan to continue working on this, so maybe one day it can be played without having to pretend like there are samurai and ninja slicing up one another. Thanks.

Programmed using GameMaker Studio. I have the square tool in GraphicsGale to thank for the immaculate squares.

By the way, I was in such a hurry to hammer a few levels before the closing bell to submit the game that I didn't have time to really test them so good luck LOL

Install instructions

Samurai Download Technique

  1. Slice the download button
  2. Use the classic double slice on the executable
  3. Play the game I guess


squaresamuraiplatformer.exe 2 MB


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Just played it - thought it was pretty fun! The jump felt a little wonky but still a good puzzle game.